Cerasorb M Granules
Cerasorb M Granules
Cerasorb M Granules
Cerasorb M Granules

Cerasorb M Granules

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Setting the New Standard for Bone Grafting

(S05-M0150 currently stocked out until early May)

A biomimetic bone graft, featuring unique interconnecting porosity that allows it to be completely resorbed while simultaneously creating new bone. Available in several granule sizes to best meet the bone resorption/remodeling needs of a variety of dental bone graft procedures.

Easy as M-2-3

The highly engineered technology built into Cerasorb M makes it as easy as M-2-3, closely mimicking human bone with a full range of Micro-Meso-Macro pores for interconnected porosity. The unique β-TCP particles interlock and provide an optimal microenvironment for cellular activity leading to bone remodeling.

Second to None

10-year comparative study in which implantation in extraction alveoli augmented with CERASORB proved equal to implantation in natural bone.

In a bilateral sinus lift study, results suggest CERASORB is an equivalent graft material to autogenous bone.

Handling, efficacy, and healing of the bone substitute were generally rated as “very good” or “good” and yielded a rate of 90% for both efficacy and tolerance.

Twenty-two patients with contralateral intrabony defects were treated with β-TCP CERASORB alone or in combination with PRP. β-TCP CERASORB is a satisfactory graft material in periodontal surgery, even without PRP.